That's What She Said

Health Care

Litigation Value:  $500,000

If I were Kevin, I would start daydreaming about how to spend the windfall I will receive from the litigation lottery.  Off the cuff, I’d guess that he has a great claim for damages after being forced to publicly disclose that he has anal fissures –  especially if Dunder Mifflin later takes some sort of adverse action against him.  It should (but obviously does not) go without saying that employers can’t ask their employees to disclose confidential medical information in a large conference room in front of their peers.  The Americans with Disabilities won’t let you do it.  It just won’t.  In fact, it prohibits an employer from making medical inquiries of employees in all but the most limited of circumstances.  And, believe it or not, one of those circumstances is not trying to figure out the new health insurance plan.