That's What She Said

Season Recap

Total Litigation Value: $6,635,500+

There is no doubt that the crew from Dunder Mifflin (primarily Michael) had some expensive snafus this season. In approximately 20 weeks, Michael managed to out a gay employee; announce his affair with a Vice President at the CFO’s party; invite a pervert dressed as Ben Franklin to an office party; invite a stripper to the warehouse; ask a female employee to act out a lesbian love scene during anti-harassment training; and lock his staff in a conference room. If you are thinking that no work place could possibly have this much drama, think again. Using each week’s episode as a starting point, I am going to post new entries every week with real-life examples of situations where truth was, indeed, stranger than fiction. Who knows? Maybe we can give Toby some ammunition to finally stand up to Michael. With just a little push, I think that Toby would be quite the adversary.