That's What She Said

And the Winner Is …

Litigation Value: $0.
The last time The Surplus episode of The Office aired, we talked about Dunder Mifflin’s good behavior (relatively speaking). In the spirit of award season –- specifically the Golden Globes, which are on this Sunday –- let’s give some awards to folks for their exemplary behavior during the episode.

Best Actor – Oscar, for compromising on his demand for a new copier for the larger goal of office harmony. And it doesn’t hurt that he was the only employee dressed like someone from Hollywood. Was that a lavender shirt and a khaki suit coat?

Best Supporting Actor – Toby, for suggesting that the office surplus be used for air testing. Sounded like a great idea to me. If your office has radon coming from below, and asbestos in the ceiling, I recommend you get air testing, too, for that matter. Plus, Toby deserves this award for so often being the muted, somewhat whiny voice of reason at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Best Actress – Pam, for fighting a winning battle for new chairs. Although I laud Oscar’s sacrifice for the greater good, you have to respect Pam for standing firm and negotiating for the chairs. With Congress taking up the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act (bills relating to gender pay inequities) this week, Pam can accept this award symbolically on behalf of all the women who didn’t get what they deserved from their employers in the past.

Best Supporting Actress – Angela, for giving Andy the thrill of a lifetime by making out with him at work. Sure, I don’t condone this behavior in your or my office, but let’s give Angela this award in honor to Andy, because from the preview of next week’s episode, The Duel, it looks like he’s in big trouble.

On that note, check back in next week to see what Dunder Mifflin is liable for after a duel appears to take place on company property.