That's What She Said

Dummies, Morons & Idiots

Litigation Value: $0 (which is good because Dunder Mifflin has no money left!)

Unfortunately, tonight’s episode was another repeat. Matt Rita did a fantastic job covering most of the employee relations issues raised by this episode when it originally aired in November. In this post, we will discuss two moments not discussed in the previous post.

First, Oscar’s notebook of evidence of sexual orientation discrimination gained a new entry. At the Dunder Mifflin shareholder meeting, Andy attempts to convince Oscar to ask the executives a question about their leadership. Andy asks Oscar how Oscar wants his grandkids to remember him. Dwight responds, “How is HE going to have grandkids?” This sarcastic comment, alone, will not cost DM any money, but it certainly helps Oscar button up his claims. Oscar better cash in his notebook of claims soon before DM declares bankruptcy.

Second, isn’t it interesting that Michael Scott manages the most profitable DM branch? When does Scranton make sales? As I watched The Office box set over the weekend, I did note that Scranton has an unbelievably low turnover rate. Is Michael actually doing something right? Somehow Michael has created an interesting sense of family in the Scranton branch that has allowed him to retain talent and maintain profits.

Michael’s effectiveness as a leader is also evident in the struggles Jim Halpert experienced this week. Michael has never had to put an employee in the closet to get the rest of the office to follow his orders. Sure, the rest of the office complains about Michael’s strange methods, but you rarely see an employee defiantly challenging Michael’s authority. Yes, Michael says and does lot of illegal things, but perhaps he also does a few things right. (Either that or all of the actors are still under contract.)

Hopefully next week will be a new episode. We will see you then!