California HR

FMLA Guidelines: Sample FMLA/CFRA Policy for California Employers

XYZ Inc. provides family and medical leave
benefits in accordance with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act
(FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). These leave benefits
are described below.


To be eligible for
family/medical leave, you must have worked for XYZ for at least 12
months and for at least 1,250 hours in the 12 calendar months
immediately preceding your leave. You must also work at a worksite where
there are 50 or more employees on-site or within a 75-mile radius.

Reasons for Leave

may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected family/medical leave
within a 12-month period for any of the following reasons:

• The birth of a child and to bond with or provide care for the child.

• The placement of a child with you for adoption or foster care and to bond with or care for the new child.

• To care for a parent, child, spouse, or domestic partner with a serious health condition.


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