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Moments Like This

Litigation Value: It’s been quite a season. ‘Nuff said.

We’re into the summer re-run season, and I’m still rolling with my love of the top-10 list. And even though we missed Michael Scott this season — oh, how we missed him — our favorite crew of paper salesmen and women definitely delivered their share of laughs and cringeworthy episodes. So here are 10 of my favorite moments, organized (roughly) in order, from Season 8 of The Office.

10. Angela calling Child Protective Services on Pam because Pam drank herbal tea out of a cup that once held coffee and might have trace amounts of caffeine in it — and then telling Pam about the call during their pregnant ladies’ walking club. I’m guessing CPS didn’t consider that tip a high priority.

9. Andy allowing the staff to tattoo anything they want on him as an incentive for doing good work. That requires a lot of trust — and isn’t a tactic I’d recommend to managers, although incentive systems are great. Fortunately, the staff took pity on him and gave him some pretty cool ink.

8. New warehouse worker Nate. I can’t pick just one moment for this guy. He’s comedy gold and I hope to see a LOT more of him next season.

7. Jim rejecting Kathy’s advances in Tallahassee. As a Jim-and-Pam shipper from day one, I was so proud of him and so glad to see their love story going strong.

6. Pam saving the entire office from “Doomsday” by being kind to Dwight. As much as he irritates me, I like that Pam and Dwight occasionally have these little moments of friendship.

5. Raucous pool party at Robert California’s house, y’all! The employment lawyer in me was torn between watching the episode in horror and cowering with my head under a pillow. California is like a case study in what not to do as a CEO.

4. Jim and Pam using Nellie’s welcome party as an excuse to emotionally abuse a stage musician. So sweet… right?

3. Andy going after Erin in Florida — and finally, finally getting the girl. I just adore those two, and I think they’re perfect for each other. (Well, the romantic in me does. The employment lawyer is cringing at the idea of the manager dating a subordinate. I hope Toby got an airtight “love contract” from them, but even that’s probably not going to save the company from Erin’s sexual harassment lawsuit if they break up. So let’s just hope they go the distance.)

2. Andy taking the initiative, stealing the big client and ousting Robert California — and, in the process, bringing back one of my favorite Dunder Mifflinites, David Wallace! So proud of Andy for standing up for himself and taking his job back, and so happy at the prospect of seeing David Wallace around the office next season.

And my all-time favorite moment from Season 8 has to be…

1. Dwight discovering that “The Battle of Schrute Farms” was in fact a code name for an artists’ and writers’ colony that provided artsy folk a respite from the Civil War! I was giggling maniacally — just like Oscar — at Dwight’s distress when his bloody Civil War fantasy came crashing down.

What were your favorite moments from Season 8?