Expert’s Secrets of Social Media Candidate Sourcing

Just for example, says Dingee, do an advanced search on LinkedIn, say, for an HR manager near ZIP 06475 in banking. Here’s the search:

Dingee’s tips came at the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium in Las Vegas. (Info on this years’ symposium here. )

Here are some of the results:

Dingee recommends paying for enhanced service from LinkedIn. It offers better search options and better returns.

Similar searches are possible in thousands of places, Dingee says. Try Google+, Pinterest, FaceBook, Twitter, and dozens more. It’s like puzzle. You have to go play with it, Dingee says. You’ll get different results in different places depending on the kind of search you’re doing.

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Try the ‘Site’ Approach

Put “site:” in front of your target site’s address to have it searched for your terms. For example: “project manager” “industry*construction”

Here are some of the results:

When you get into a group, when it’s appropriate get into the conversational feed, says Dingee, slip in “got a great development job. Anyone interested?”

Here’s a Pinterest search for an online marketer: ( “online marketing”).

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Here’s a twitter search ( “CAE” association)

In tomorrow’s Advisor, you’ll learn more of Dingee’s tips for finding great candidates through social media, plus an introduction to the all-HR-in-one-place website,