Scam alert! NHES warns of e-mail identity theft con

by Christopher J. Pyles

New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) has recently become aware of an identity theft scam being directed at employers. NHES is warning that e-mails coming from an address ending in “” and using a subject line referring to “time-sensitive material” are being sent to businesses in an effort to obtain employees’ wage and separation information. The fake e-mails seem to be from an administrative agency, but they aren’t. NHES states that it doesn’t seek information in that manner and that such e-mails should be ignored.

The full text of the alert and a sample scam e-mail may be found here. Employers, beware!

Christopher J. Pyles is a member of the litigation team at Sulloway & Hollis, P.L.L.C., and a contributor to New Hampshire Employment Law Letter. You can reach him at