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Compensation Administration

Managing Incentive Compensation Plan Changes: 5 Steps for Success

by John Ristuccia, vice president, Professional Services, Optymyze

An incentive compensation plan, in which salespeople are compensated based on their ability to meet established performance goals, is key to building an engaged sales force aligned with the overall goals of the organization. Done well, these plans are highly effective, in terms of driving positive selling behaviors as well as being a critical differentiator in attracting top sales talent and retaining top performers.


Premium Pay for Holidays a Popular Benefit, SHRM Says

More than half of employers provide employees with premium pay when they work holidays, a recent Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey found.


Q&A: FLSA Overtime Exemption Regs Create Pay Compression

Question: We are currently evaluating a number of exempt positions with our company in respect to forthcoming FLSA overtime exemption changes.  Their salaries range below the new salary threshold and above (all depends on tenure and experience). We are looking at bumping everyone to the minimum amount.  How are most companies handling the individuals who are already making that amount? For example, it doesn’t seem good for morale or even ethical to have two employees making the same amount when one has been here less than a year and another who has been there 3-4 years.


Infographic: How Do SMBs Evaluate their Current Payroll Systems?

Even though most payroll administrators at small and medium businesses (SMBs) indicate they are satisfied with their current provider, nearly 40% of those same managers say they are likely to switch payroll solutions within the next 12 months, according to a recent survey by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews site.


Where to Get Pay Survey Data

Pay surveys are an important tool for developing and maintaining pay plans that fairly reward employees without breaking the bank. But where should the information come from? Should it be gathered by someone in-house? Or paid for from a consultant? What are the options?


‘Thinking About Retirement?’—Danger or Diligence?

"In yesterday’s Advisor, Attorney Joan Farrell clarified some of the subtleties of age discrimination, retirement, and workforce planning. Today, the delicate issue of asking directly about retirement plans, plus an introduction to the practical guide to solving wage and hour problems."

Can You Ask About Retirement Plans?

Can you ask older employees about their retirement plans? Yes, if you are careful, says BLR® Senior Legal Editor Joan Farrell. But push too hard and it starts to look like age discrimination.