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Managing employee leave is one of HR’s most annoying (and thankless) tasks. First of all, there’s the federal FMLA, which is notoriously difficult to manage, and commonly gamed by employees. Stack on top of that state leave laws that usually conflict with the plus various pregnancy and disability laws. And then there’s the plethora of other types of leave like bereavement, jury duty, and military leave, each of which has its own quirks and challenges. This topic explores this in depth.


U.S. Workers Only Using Half of Eligible Vacation Time

While many Americans are preparing for summer vacations, many are likely not. According to a new survey from Glassdoor, the average U.S. employee (of those who receive vacation/paid time off) has only taken about half (54%) of his or her eligible vacation time/paid time off in the past 12 months. This is relatively consistent with […]

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Paid Sick Leave for Employees in Chicago Area Effective July 1

Most employers in Chicago and Cook County will be required to offer paid sick leave beginning July 1. The city of Chicago passed a sick leave ordinance last summer, and Cook County (where Chicago is located) passed a nearly identical law in October. The ordinances apply to all businesses that are located in the city […]


Ask the Expert: Deeming Employee ‘Ineligible’ for Leave Isn’t Always Simple

Question: We have an employee who requested FMLA paperwork because of her migraines.  Unfortunately, she is ineligible because her location is outside of the 75-mile radius of 50 employees or more. She is requesting special accommodations to miss work when she has a severe migraine. However, she is a kitchen designer and most of the […]


FMLA Training Scenario: Reduction in Force During Leave

Here we present a leave-related workplace scenario—inspired by an actual court case—that’s intended to help HR professionals better understand an employer’s responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  In this scenario, an employer mistakenly violates its own internal policy of not laying off employees while they are on leave and eliminates the position […]


Vacation Time: Majority of Employees Are Burnt Out at Work, Some Are Highly Stressed or Both

Employee burnout is becoming all too common these days. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, three in five workers (61%) say they are burned out in their current job, and 31% report high or extremely high levels of stress at work, yet a third of all workers (33%) have not taken or do not plan […]