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Hiring & Recruiting

From how to most cost-effectively advertise to find the best candidates to how to negotiate the best deal for your company, HR Daily Advisor provides the right recruiting and hiring strategy, whether you’re recruiting for jobs at entry-level or in the corner office. Get recruiting and hiring checklists and interview and reference checking tips, what’s worked for others, and more.

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Hireright Infographic: Meet the Robots Reading Your Résumé


This infographic from Hireright breaks down how applicant tracking systems (ATSs) weed through hundreds, if not thousands, of résumés to find the right candidate for a position.

Some candidates and recruiters argue that an ATS can overlook qualified applicants simply due to oversights in résumé form and structure. This is true. However, knowing how an ATS works, and know which résumés—rules to follow can help candidates and employers connect in more powerful, easier ways.


Avoid These Errors in Hiring and Recruiting

Yesterday’s Advisor covered the first three critical hiring mistakes; today, more errors, plus an introduction to the all-things-HR-in-one-place website, HR.BLR.com.


DOL Gets a Slap or Two, but Litigation Threats Abound

The DOL has gotten a few “slapdowns” from the courts recently, but while that may make employers feel a little better, wage and hour problems are still a major threat. The agencies—and the attorneys—are looking at most employers, and, sooner or later, they’ll look at you.


Misclassification Is ‘Hot’—And Many (Maybe Most) Organizations Are in Violation

Misclassification is “very hot,” says Attorney Dinita James, and the DOL is doing “directed” investigations, that is, visiting places where there hasn’t been a complaint.


Best Practices for Building Your Employee Talent Pool

Building a recruitment strategy that can meet the ups and downs of everyday business in a volatile economy is a tough challenge. Ironically, the high rate of unemployment does not mean that the skills, education, and experience that your company needs are readily available.


Recruiting 2014—Basics Still Apply

In yesterday’s Advisor, we looked at recruiting 2014; today, some basics that are easily forgotten in the rush-to-hire mentality, plus an introduction to a FREE best practices guide, sponsored by iCIMS


What Are Your Applicants Looking For From You?

Recruiting today has gotten complex. People want to apply online or use their phones. And services abound to help you with the process. A good place to start is to ask what applicants are looking for and what they are seeing when the check out your company.


The 9 Most Common Form I-9 Mistakes

In yesterday’s Advisor, Attorney Roger Tsai briefed readers on dealing with Form I-9 challenges. Today, we present Tsai’s nine most common mistakes on I-9 forms, plus an introduction to the all-things-HR-in-one-place website, HR.BLR.com®.


Form I-9s—Still a Hassle and Audits Are Heating Up

Immigration is a hot issue, and that means increased scrutiny of Employment Eligibility Verification Forms (more commonly known as a Form I-9). Attorney Roger Tsai clarified employer responsibilities at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium held recently in Las Vegas.


Affirmative Action Regs: What Federal Contractors Need to Do by March 2014

Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 seeks to reduce discrimination against individuals with disabilities by requiring federal contractors and subcontractors to have affirmative action plans (AAPs) for hiring disabled individuals. VEVRAA – the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act – does the same thing for veterans. Both of these regulations have been beefed up this year, resulting in new obligations for federal contractors. Let's take a look at the changes, which go into effect on March 24, 2014.