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Hiring & Recruiting

From how to most cost-effectively advertise to find the best candidates to how to negotiate the best deal for your company, HR Daily Advisor provides the right recruiting and hiring strategy, whether you’re recruiting for jobs at entry-level or in the corner office. Get recruiting and hiring checklists and interview and reference checking tips, what’s worked for others, and more.

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Is Zappos’ Approach to Recruiting Right for You?

In yesterday’s Advisor, BLR legal editor Jasmin Rojas explored Zappos’ new approach to recruiting—all on social media, no postings. In this issue, more of her thoughts about how you may learn from their initiative.


Zapp Your Postings—Wave of the Future?

Just when you thought you had mastered job boards and job posting online, here comes pacesetting Zappos with a whole nother approach—do away with your job postings and rely on social media! Wait. … What?


Myers Briggs—The Psychological Scales

By Jilaine Parkes, president and founder of Sprigg Talent Management Systems

Did you know that the fundamentals of how we think are usually fixed by the time we are 3 or 4 years old although the brain continues to allow some plasticity until puberty?!


Ways to Incorporate Social Media into the Hiring Process

With the prevalence of social media, employers are finding more and more uses for it in the workplace, for example, as a component of the talent management process. More and more organizations are taking advantage of the growing reach of social networking.


Using Facebook for Background Checks

Should you consider using Facebook as part of your background screening process? It may be beneficial because it could turn up potential problems and keep you from hiring someone who could be a problem later on. But it can also be a risk because Facebook pages are known to contain an abundance of personal information—and that personal information might be information that cannot be considered during the hiring process.


Employee Handbooks: The Importance of Signed Acknowledgements

Requiring employees to sign an acknowledgement stating that they’ve received, read, and understood the employee handbook may seem arduous, especially if it’s done every time there is an update to the handbook. But this task is more than a mere formality—it serves an important purpose for employers: it is documentation and evidence that the employees are aware of and understand the workplace rules. It is a key piece of documentation if there is ever a dispute or disciplinary issue.


Employer FCRA Requirements

Do you conduct background checks on job applicants before officially hiring them? If you do, are you in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)? When getting started with background screening, some employers don't realize they are required to comply with the FCRA as part of this process.


Infographic Charts Onboarding Success

Yesterday’s Advisor featured tips for retention and onboarding. Today, a helpful infographic from BambooHR that helps clarify the facts around onboarding programs and what makes them successful. Here’s the infographic:


Retention Starts Day One

Retention’s going to be key for many organizations as the economy improves—your best people are going to be testing the water and your toughest competitors are going to be looking for them.


How to Hire Like Google

How do you and your companies go about hiring new employees? Each company is obviously different in their hiring techniques.

For Google, they go about hiring in steps. These steps help them determine which prospective candidate is right for their company.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more!