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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people. Download this free summary report to see how your recruiting practices compare against other companies.

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Online Recruiting Effective, Yes, but Dangerous

In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered user-friendliness of online recruiting sites. Today, dangers of online recruiting that all employers should beware of, plus an introduction to the “lawsuit preventer,” audit checklists. Beware the Default Setting Many companies use software to set up and manage Internet job ads. It’s tempting to let the default setting put in […]


Online Recruiting—Is Your Site Applicant-Friendly?

For many employers, online recruiting has become the primary means of soliciting candidates. However, the system is not without its challenges. In today’s Advisor, we’ll look at how to measure the effectiveness of your online recruiting program. When measuring the effectiveness of your online recruiting program, it is important to measure what matters to your […]

Print welcomes Phillip A. Smith as new company President

For more than 15 years, has been an established leader of the background screening industry: This month, the company welcomes Phillip A Smith—an accomplished professional with extensive industry experience—to the role of President. “I am looking forward to joining the team and to working with its outstanding group of professionals,” said Smith. “This […]


Subject: Employee Referral Programs—Win-Win for Employees, HR

In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered ROI and best practices for employee referral programs. Today, more on making such programs successful, and an introduction to the unique one-stop HR solutions center, Today’s tips come from human capital solutions company CareerBuilder® and it’s recent publication, Referral Madness—How Employee referral Programs Turn Good Employees into Great Recruiters […]


Referral: Top ROI of All Recruiting Methods

And the reward for highest recruiting ROI goes to … Employee Referral Programs. By the way, they also deliver the highest quality candidates, according to human capital solutions company CareerBuilder® In its Referral Madness—How Employee referral Programs Turn Good Employees into Great Recruiters and Grow Your Bottom Line, CareerBuilder cites studies indicating that for companies […]


The One Interview Technique that Gets Real Answers

In real estate it’s location, location, location, and in interviewing it’s probe, probe, probe. Typically the candidate’s first answer to your interview questions will be reasoned and impressive—and well rehearsed. It’s by probing deeper that you’ll get real insight. Asking probing questions is the key to eliciting meaningful information from well-prepared applicants. Here’s an example […]


Nine Ways NOT to Hire the Brightest and the Best

Hiring is such a critical role for managers and supervisors, yet many of them take a casual or mistaken (read legally dangerous) view of the job. In today’s Advisor, we share a few of the worst interview approaches we’ve come across. 1. Great Interview—Fascinating Person We had great rapport—we talked baseball (she’s also a Sox […]


Single Key to Attracting the Best Hires

In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered the indispensable role of the job description in attracting the best candidates. Today, how to prepare for the critical job interview, and some great news—your job descriptions are already written. The Interview—it’s not a time to chat and visit, it’s a time to dig and investigate. Preparing is a two-step […]


Are Reference Checkers Checking the References You Give?

In yesterday’s Advisor, Employment Screening Resources (ESR) offered important policy and legal considerations for performing reference checks. Today, we’ll get their specific recommendations, and we’ll take a look at a unique resource for small HR departments. ESR, a Novato, California-based provider preemployment screening services, offers the following suggestions for responding to requests for references: 1. […]


One-Third of Résumés Lie—Reference Check, Anyone?

Everyone agrees that reference checks are important, but actually doing them is difficult. Employers want to get information about candidates, but when other employers want the same information from them, they don’t want to give it. That’s frustrating, says Employment Screening Resources (ESR). One-Third of Résumés Contain a Lie According to industry experts, up to […]