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Are Your Employees Ready to Take Flight?

By Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS It is more important than ever that companies evolve as quickly as the workforce in order to survive. The quality of talent, of course, has always been a top priority for business leaders and HR professionals. Nevertheless, there remains a lot of work to be done when […]


3 Tips When Firing an Employee

Firing an employee is never an easy task, no matter how well documented the problem is, and no matter how well thought out the decision has been. It’s a decision that comes with high emotions on all sides. Firing an employee can cause stress for everyone involved, not just for the individual being fired. Many […]


9 Red Flags of a Toxic Workplace Culture

The fate of an organization often rests squarely on the shoulders of the employees who work there. If the employees are dissatisfied, it can affect employee morale, productivity, turnover, and more. It can then directly impact customer service and satisfaction levels. Clearly, any employer would be well served to ensure that the organizational culture promotes […]


Signs of a Micromanager

As an HR professional, you’re probably keenly aware that a lot of employee turnover can be traced back to incompatibilities with managers. One such problem is when a manager is too involved in every detail of his or her team’s activities—micromanaging. Let’s take a look at some of the many signs that some of the […]


7 Reasons Your Workforce Is Not Motivated

One of the biggest issues employers face today is how to motivate their workforce. Highly engaged employees have more motivation to be proactive and to achieve their goals, allowing the organization to maximize productivity. They’re more likely to stay with the company, thus reducing turnover and its associated costs.


What is Employee Advocacy?

Have you heard of employee advocacy? In simple terms, employee advocacy refers to the act of employees promoting the company through their own personal actions and through their own networks. This is often on social media. It is separate from paying employees to promote the organization (such as hiring a social media manager).