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There are dozens of details to take care of in the day-to-day operation of your department and your company. We give you case studies, news updates, best practices and training tips that keep your organization fully in compliance with ever-changing employment law, and you fully aware of emerging HR trends.

Federal/State Employment Law Conflicts: Taming the Two-Headed Monster

A small publisher tackles federal/state employment law conflicts … and comes up with a classic solution. A recent article in Daily Advisor discussed the practice of “toggling.” No, it’s not a new dance craze, though many HR professionals probably wish it was. It’s the constant switching back and forth that HR managers have to do […]


Doing the ‘Toggle’: Managing Both State and Federal Employment Laws

If you’ve fully complied with federal law, your job is not done. Your state probably has laws that overlap, or even conflict with, the federal laws. Here are the issues where that’s most likely to happen. Ever hear of the ‘toggle’? It’s a maneuver most HR professionals execute every day—jumping between state and federal law […]


Strategic HR: First Question to Ask…What Kind of Business Are You In?

By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady HR people must understand what drives their company on a basic level before they can come up with an HR strategy that fits. In a survey we conducted nearly 15 years ago, HR managers identified “strategic HR” as a high-interest issue, so we did a book on the […]


On Being a Human Resource Professional: The Nine Essential Skills for Successful Human Resource Management

A colleague recently asked me what it takes to be a successful human resource professional in today’s employee-centric business environment. While not an easy question to answer, it was a good question that gave me pause. After much thought and conversations with the many human resource management experts here at the HR Daily Advisor, I’ve […]


Human Resource Metrics: Connecting Human Resource Management with Organizational Performance and the Bottom Line

Executive Summary Human resource metrics are a must for every HR department Human resource management must align human resource metrics with the business metrics of their organization Human resource metrics should focus on results, not activities Human resource metrics have become a requirement for every modern HR department to show the organizational value of money […]