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Keep your company in compliance with federal and state laws while you set the appropriate tone for your organization. Get tips on developing solid HR policies that will hold up to scrutiny, along with quick-reading summaries of significant white papers that provide perspective to help you evaluate policy choices in terms of your organization.

How to Get Employees to Goof Off Less at Work

Have you ever been frustrated to see how much time employees spend doing things that are not work related while on the clock? Or, perhaps the organization has a renewed focus on productivity, and you’ve been enlisted to help with brainstorming process or policy changes that could help? An area of concern for employers analyzing […]


Tips for Avoiding Retaliation Claims

What if an employee complains about harassment, but you investigate and find no evidence of harassment? Or, what if an employee files a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging discrimination, but the EEOC also does not find any wrongdoing? Can you fire either of these employees for making false claims?


Creative Ways to Boost Productivity

Productivity concerns affect the entire organization. If the employer needs more productivity, either the existing employees must make that happen through productivity gains, or more employees must be hired. Either way, Human Resources (HR) is involved, directly or indirectly, through communications, training, hiring, or implementing new programs.


How to Reduce Presenteeism

Presenteeism refers to the situation in which employees are at work, but they are not as productive as they could be because they’re not feeling well—but they’re not feeling sick enough to take a day off, or they don’t have days off to take.


What is the Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act?

The Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act is a bill that has been introduced in Congress in early 2017[i]. It has not yet gone past the introductory stage and has been referred to the Committee on the Judiciary for further assessment. It is unknown whether it will progress further or not at this point. No votes […]


Ironclad Employment Documentation: A Q&A with Susan Fentin

You fire an employee for poor performance. He says the termination was in retaliation for filing a race discrimination claim against the company. Will you have the employment documentation to back up your decision and avoid a costly lawsuit? 


What are ‘Ban the Box’ Laws?

“Ban the box” refers to the initiatives, which have gained widespread traction, by which laws are put into place that prohibit employers from asking questions of applicants regarding previous criminal history (and discriminating against them on the basis of their answer) too early in the hiring and recruiting process. These types of initiatives have been […]