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Keep your company in compliance with federal and state laws while you set the appropriate tone for your organization. Get tips on developing solid HR policies that will hold up to scrutiny, along with quick-reading summaries of significant white papers that provide perspective to help you evaluate policy choices in terms of your organization.


Ironclad Employment Documentation: A Q&A with Susan Fentin

You fire an employee for poor performance. He says the termination was in retaliation for filing a race discrimination claim against the company. Will you have the employment documentation to back up your decision and avoid a costly lawsuit? 


What are ‘Ban the Box’ Laws?

“Ban the box” refers to the initiatives, which have gained widespread traction, by which laws are put into place that prohibit employers from asking questions of applicants regarding previous criminal history (and discriminating against them on the basis of their answer) too early in the hiring and recruiting process. These types of initiatives have been […]


A Great Case for Remote Work

While clearly not every job is a good candidate for remote work, there are millions of jobs that are. This fact contributes to the ever-growing percentage of the workforce (now estimated to be around 40%) that work virtually in some capacity. Some employers remain wary of allowing remote work, while others embrace it fully. Let’s […]


Tips for Safety Incentive Programs

Given that safety issues in the workplace can literally be of life or death importance, it makes sense that an organization would do everything in its power to minimize any and all safety risks. Employers have a lot of tools at their disposal to improve and maintain safety in the workplace and plenty of reason […]


Quiz: Are You Prepared to Prevent Workplace Violence?

Do you know the facts about preventing workplace violence? Can you take the right steps to reduce the risk to your employees and respond in a violent situation? Take the quiz and find out. This short, 10-question quiz was created with help from Attorney Kathleen M. Bonczyk. Bonczyk is the founder of the interdisciplinary Workplace […]


What Is Predictable Scheduling?

Have you seen the recent trend of legislation related to predictable scheduling? Or maybe you’re wondering what constitutes predictable scheduling and how it might affect your organization? Let’s take a look at what this topic is all about and why it’s been in the news (and in ongoing legislative efforts) recently.