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Gallup Flags 3 Trends That Will Change Our Workplaces—Forever

The “future of work” has been the topic of much conversation of late. It’s not surprising—after all, forewarned is forearmed. With that hunger for credible and actionable predictions in mind, Gallup has identified some “disruptive workplace trends” that employers should take heed of, and begin preparing for, sooner rather than later:


Using a Scorecard System? You Should Be

Riaz Khadem, founder and CEO of Infotrac, thinks every employer should be using a scorecard system. In his book Total Alignment, Khadem asserts that the scorecard connects individuals with your company’s vision and strategy—and, when all the employees have a scorecard, the entire company is aligned, people are focused on the most important activities, and […]


Getting the PIP Process Right: Tips for Employers

An employee continues to make mistakes that cost the company money. You meet with her and place her on a performance improvement plan (PIP). After the 60-day PIP period ends, you conclude that her performance did not improve adequately and terminate her employment.


Are You Responsible When Employees Don’t Report All Hours Worked?

Employers often place the burden of recording hours worked on employees. Employee handbooks may contain provisions that require employees to record and report all their time worked, and employers may require employees to verify their hours by reviewing and signing their time cards. Policies may prohibit off-the-clock work and notify employees that they must report […]


Leaders’ Toxic Behaviors—And the Courage Required to Stop Them

There seems to be a similar haunting refrain in many of today’s headlines: Leaders who have spiraled out of control – victimizing employees, abusing power, and generally reproving the time-tested principle that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


Domestic Violence Doesn’t Always Stay at Home

We often hear of violence in the workplace. Employers should also be aware that employees are not always the source of such violence. Domestic abuse can, and has spilled into the workplace, sometimes with tragic consequences. It’s a situation all too familiar to Lynn Fairweather, MSW, president of Presage Consulting and Training, LLC.


Community Gardens Grow Employee Well-Being

Giving back to the community can reap multiple benefits for employers, not the least of which is warm feelings from employees. In a recent Boston Globe article, Sara Salinas writes that research shows employees value companies that give back to the community. One increasingly popular way to do so—community gardens—also helps employees’ own well-being.