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The Americans with Disabilities Act protects qualified disabled employees from discrimination. HR Daily Advisor gives you the background you need on who’s covered, what constitutes a “reasonable accommodation”, issues involving health insurance and medical leave, tax incentives for employers, and more.


FMLA: Don’t Wait for a Real Audit, Self-Audit

Conducting a self-audit (also known as an internal audit) is a key task for human resources (HR) professionals. It’s a great way to help to ensure that the organization remains legally compliant, and it can help to avoid or at least reduce penalties when external auditors pay the company a visit.


Mastering Tough FMLA Issues: When Spouses Work for the Same Company

This article series addresses some of the most confusing real world problems surrounding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). In the last installment, we focused on managing intermittent and reduced schedule leave and how fluctuating work schedules are impacted. In this installment, we’ll look at FMLA leave regarding spouses who work for the same […]


Targeting FMLA Fraud And Abuse: 10 Tips for Training Supervisors

Just as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can be complicated, so can getting your supervisors on the same page when it comes to administering FMLA leave. The following tips should help when training supervisors about FMLA leave and what they should do if they suspect fraud or abuse:


Circuit Court Upholds Termination of Employee for Violating Sick Leave Policy

by Brittany E. Medio, Saul Ewing LLP The U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania—recently affirmed a lower court’s decision to dismiss an employee’s gender discrimination and retaliation claims against her former employer. The court found the employee was terminated not for engaging in protected activity but for violating the […]


Video: How to Prepare for a Paid Leave Law Coming to Your City or State

Do you anticipate that your city or state will soon have a paid leave law for employers?  Has your city, county or state recently passed such legislation and you are trying to figure out what steps you should take to ensure compliance? If so, Susan Fentin has some guidance for you on how you can […]