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Ask the Expert: Can We Adjust Time Cards for Waiting Time?

Question: My employer uses a “4 -minute rule,” meaning that our employees have an 8-minute window (4 before and 4 after their scheduled time to clock in) without changes being made to their time cards. We do this because there’s a line waiting to clock in. However, for those who are more than the 4 […]


Q&A: FLSA Overtime Exemption Regs Create Pay Compression

Question: We are currently evaluating a number of exempt positions with our company in respect to forthcoming FLSA overtime exemption changes.  Their salaries range below the new salary threshold and above (all depends on tenure and experience). We are looking at bumping everyone to the minimum amount.  How are most companies handling the individuals who […]


Ask the Expert: FMLA for Depressed Employee Who Hasn’t Requested It?

An employee has been with the company for almost 2 years and is always on time and present. However, they have recently stopped showing up for their scheduled shifts. We learned that the employee has fallen into a deep depression which is restricting the individual from having contact not only with our company but also […]