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High Performance HR: A Q&A with Christopher D. Lee

Effective human resources departments champion high performance and enable employees to raise their standards to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace. But, many HR departments are using outdated philosophies to guide their practices.


Ask the Expert: FMLA for Depressed Employee Who Hasn’t Requested It?

An employee has been with the company for almost 2 years and is always on time and present. However, they have recently stopped showing up for their scheduled shifts. We learned that the employee has fallen into a deep depression which is restricting the individual from having contact not only with our company but also […]


Ask the Expert: Part-Time Employees and the New Overtime Rule

Regarding the new overtime rule and the minimum salary threshold for exempt status—how does it treat part-time employees who are currently exempt? For example, if a part-time worker in an exempt position making is $30k annually, but the full-time  equivalent is $60k, do they meet the requirement?


Ask the Expert: Can this Exempt Employee Be Paid Hourly?

We are a staffing company that employs W-2 contractors. We are trying to determine exempt vs. nonexempt status for an employee. The job is a Senior Systems Engineer. Utilizing an FLSA checklist, he meets the criteria for an exempt employee. However, he is not a salaried employee. Does the fact that he is paid hourly […]


Ask the Expert: Will Laying Off Enlisted Employee Violate USERRA?

We have just determined that we will be having a reduction in force. One of our employees, who was scheduled to be affected by the reduction, just notified us yesterday that he needed the day off to get a health exam as part of his enlistment process for military service. Since his selection for termination […]


Ask the Expert: Should Employee Be Paid for Enrolling in Benefits?

One of my clients has an employee who is requesting compensation for time spent enrolling in benefits using his/her personal time. The employees have limited access to computers since they work in a production area. The employer will have a computer set up for employees to use during the week of open enrollment. However, employees […]