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Ask the Expert: Is our Sales Commission Plan OK?

We are looking to redesign our sales commission plan and are wondering if the following is legal? Ex: Commission for Q4 sales is paid out at the beginning of Q2 – While the sales person made their Q4 quota, they didn’t make their Q1 quota. Therefore, the commission they would have received beginning of Q2 […]


Ask the Expert: Employee Loans for Tuition

I’m looking for an agreement that sets up a company’s ability to give an employee a loan and then forgive that loan over time. For example, the employer wants to give an employee money for tuition and then forgive the loan as the employee stays with the company over the next several years.


Ask the Expert: We Want to Change our Meal Reimbursement Policy

We’re considering changing our meals reimbursement policy from reimbursement of actual costs to a standard meal allowance for out of state travel. The objective is to make the expense fully deductible to the employer for tax purposes. What is the best way to go about this and are there any specific concerns? What (if any) […]