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Communication is the key to success in any company and professional relationship. That is why strategic communication is critical for any HR professional.

Gen Z and Millennials Crave In-Person Collaboration

Despite popular belief, 41% of Gen Z say corporate offices are their workplace preference, according to a global study released by Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm, and Randstad US, an HR services and staffing company. The “Gen Z & Millennials Collide @ Work” report focuses on the impact of Gen Z […]


HR Leadership in Times of Crisis

By Harry Hutson and Martha Johnson Organizations are headed for more crises. Tumult and disruption in the world are more than likely. Some would say they are unavoidable, inevitable, or even guaranteed. For most Human Resources professionals, this is a fact of life. In our experience, HR deserves credit for being watchful and wired, reassuringly […]


Employee Communication: The Missing Piece in The HR Technology Landscape

By Steve L. Adams, CEO of Navera Driven by the needs of today’s tech savvy, multigenerational, and geographically distributed workforce, organizations and their HR professionals are looking for new ways to get employees the information they need—how they want it, when they want it, and where they want it.


‘We Need to Talk’—How to Embrace These Four Words and Not Fear Them

It happens all the time; people avoid the most difficult conversations because they simply aren’t good at them (having never learned how to approach them effectively). They prefer to pretend that these kinds of conversations are not bubbling under the surface and sapping energy. Andrea J. Lee, founder of Thought Partners International and author of […]