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How Recognition Can Help Managers Earn Employee Trust and Reduce Turnover

By David Brennan, Achievers It’s no secret that satisfied employees are the most productive. Research shows that happiness has a dramatic effect on performance, and that business success is driven by engaged employees. Conversely, unhappy or disengaged employees are less productive and creative, and more likely churn, which represents a significant drag on an organization’s […]


Freedom and Opportunities for Collaboration Are Cherished Benefits

A newly released survey from Jive Software, Inc. in Palo Alto, California, finds that seven out of ten (72%) employees want to use more technology in the workplace that enables them to work from anywhere. Furthermore, the same percentage state that the freedom to try new tools makes them more effective in their jobs, with […]


Working-Parent Burnout Costing Employers, Says Survey

A new study shows that working parents are burnt out and they’re not feeling the love at work; leaving them more likely to quit, be less creative, and less energized about their jobs.