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Employee feedback, compliance, government forms, leave policies, recruiting: the list of tasks that an HR professional have to perform is nearly endless. Just as important as any one task is how professionals put them all together into a united front. Welcome to the Strategic HR topic.

Gamification Can Make HR a More Data-Driven Organization

By Karen Hsu, Badgeville There is an engagement crisis in the workplace, and it has profound implications for company performance and staff retention. A recent Mercer report revealed that about a third of surveyed workers consider their current position a job, not a career. More tellingly, about three-quarters of surveyed employees report that they would […]


HR Merger and Acquisition Playbook

By Barbara Mitchell Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) were at an all-time high in 2015. There is some indication that they will slow down in 2016 because it is an election year, but probably not by much. However, just because there are a lot of mergers does not mean that they are successful. In fact, at […]


Gamify Your Workplace for Better Engagement

By Tony Ventrice, Badgeville Employers nationwide are facing a significant employee engagement challenge. Less than a third of U.S. workers who participated in a Gallup survey earlier this year reported that they were fully engaged in their jobs.


HR Works Podcast: How Does an HR Department of One Support Strategic Goals?

How can an HR department of one support their organization’s strategic goals while keeping up with the administrative functions and day-to-day activities? Our guest in this episode of HR Works, Diane Breeding, PHR, SHRM-CP, HR Manager for Edwards Moving & Rigging (KY), does just that—and she gladly shares her experiences to inspire other human resources […]


How to Clarify Leadership Potential and Growth Through Natural Behavior

By Lee Ellis Carla, a senior Human Resources vice president of a Fortune 200 company, has the challenge of evaluating the natural leadership potential of several team members. She had worked with all of them for some time, but she’s unsure about the best criteria to match the needed skills for the job with the […]


What’s New in Employee Mobility for 2016

By Lisa Johnson Companies need to move their employees for many reasons: in order to expand into new markets, to fill roles with technical skills, to manage projects, but also because employees increasingly want an adventure or a career change as a way of staying engaged. Each year how and why companies move their employees […]