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Employee feedback, compliance, government forms, leave policies, recruiting: the list of tasks that an HR professional have to perform is nearly endless. Just as important as any one task is how professionals put them all together into a united front. Welcome to the Strategic HR topic.

Conversation: An Operating System to Talk About

By Brady Wilson, Juice Inc You may not realize it, but your organization is home to an incredibly powerful operating system (O/S). Think outside the realm of technology. What has the potential to engage and energize your employees, bring teams closer together, and create a high-performing workforce?


The Nosh Factor: Millennials Value Edible Benefits, According to New Survey

Companies that have been spending a lot of money on expensive perks to attract and retain Millennials could be getting it all wrong, according to a new survey conducted by ORC International and online grocery delivery service The answer could be as simple as more free snacks at work.


Top 10 Notable Jobs that are Changing the Job Landscape

The job market today is constantly in flux, with new developments and technological advances sparking rapid changes in demand for given positions. To glimpse into where these trends are headed, SkillSurvey—a reference checking solution that collects reference feedback—has dug into its database and identified some of the more unique positions that have seen increased demand […]


Results or Relationship Minded? How to Balance your Leadership Priorities

By Lee Ellis Abraham Lincoln has been repeatedly voted as our most popular president, probably because he achieved great results in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances. But, how did he do it? When I posed this question to hundreds of corporate managers when facilitating leadership development, overall attributes fell into four areas of leadership […]


Leadership Development: A Q&A with Lee Ellis

Lee Ellis, a nationally recognized leadership consultant, award-winning author, and colonel USAF (retired) is often asked these questions on the topic of leadership development.