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Wage and Hour

Blacklisting Rule Halted Ahead of Effective Date

The so-called blacklisting rule will not take effect on October 25, 2016 as planned. A federal district court Monday night granted a request to temporarily halt the regulation requiring federal contractors to report employment law violations to agencies that award contracts (Associated Builders and Contractors of Southeast Texas, et al. v. Rung, No. 1:16-cv-00425 (E.D. Texas, Oct. 24, 2016)).


What Does it Mean to be Competitive with Employee Pay?

Many jobs today – and perhaps some your company has posted – list the pay as "competitive." But what does that mean?


Wage and Hour Simple? The 10 Sins

"Minimum wage and overtime—how hard could it be? Wage and hour should be simple, but it’s just not. Where are the 10 most common “sins” managers and supervisors commit in complying with the “simple” rules?"

Sin #1. Failure to pay the minimum wage

We’ll pay you $5 an hour until you learn the ropes; then you move up to $7 an hour.