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Get Your FREE Copies of these HR Special Reports covering critical HR topics. Topics include: HR Recordkeeping, Job Descriptions, HR policies, Corporate Wellness, HR Training, and more…

Employee Handbook Cookbook

An employee handbook is a bit like a home-cooked meal. On the surface, it fills a basic need, whether for sustenance or guidelines. But, with the right recipe, it can also bring people together and foster communication. In this special report, we’re going to help you create the right handbook recipe for your workplace.


HR’s Guide to the 2016 Election

Election season can be an exciting time, but it’s also a busy time for HR pros who are reviewing policies regarding political activity in the workplace. This report offers guidance on important HR topics, including federal and state laws surrounding voting laws, political activity in the workplace, an employer’s conduct, and the conduct of employees.


5 Mistakes Everyone Makes with Job Descriptions & How to Avoid Them

This report highlights the five mistakes most commonly
made when dealing with job descriptions and gives useful tips and tactics on how to avoid mistakes and make your job descriptions a valuable tool in HR management.


The Leave Maze: Managing FMLA, ADA, and Worker’s Compensation Issues

In order to understand the ways in which the FMLA, the ADA, and workers' compensation laws interact, it is important first to understand the legal basics of each law. Download this free chart for a helpful overview.


Training Guidance on 21 Key HR Topics

From 401(k)s, to FMLA , to sexual harassment, this report covers it all. Download today and get access to guidance on 21 key HR training topics.


Recruiting Best Practices for 2016: New Research and Insights

The focus has never been so strongly aimed at hiring quality, engaged, employees with high potential as it is now. This report aims to see how companies currently approach accomplishing that goal. See the results of our national survey.


Critical HR Recordkeeping

This exclusive special report covers hiring records, employment relationships, termination records, litigation issues, electronic information issues, tips for better recordkeeping, and a list of legal requirements.


Leading from Within as an HR Professional

HR professionals often have the potential to be the best coaches in an organization.  Follow the tips and tricks outlined in this free special report to help organizational leaders and managers reach their potential in becoming excellent leaders.


Cost Per Hire Calculator

This handy calculator lets you plug in your expenses for recruiting, benefits, salaries, and more. Graphs automatically generate to show you your annual cost per hire and a breakdown of where you are spending the most money.


21st Century Recruiting: Current Training on Best Practices

This special report is designed and organized to give you a solid foundation of best practices on which to train your recruiters and hiring managers as well as an up-to-the-minute overview of the latest innovations that will allow you to attract the best up-and-coming employees for your organization’s continued success.

Clearing Up the Confusion on CFRA Regs [Infographic]

The final California Family Rights Act (CFRA) regulations, which took effect on July 1, bring California rules into closer alignment with FMLA regulations. While the changes mean fewer differences between state and federal regulations, some significant differences remain. Download this infographic to learn more.

Year in Review and What’s New in California for 2016

CAL/OSHA Regulations, Enforcement Trends, and More

Employee Orientation: How To Energize, Integrate, and Retain Your Newest Hires

Download this special report to learn how to: recognize the benefits and goals of new employee orientation; assume a leadership role in the process; determine the topics to be covered; and plan and execute successful orientations.

13 Job Description Dos and Don’ts

When you think about it, no HR document is more important than the job description. It's the architectural blueprint of your company, showing what all parts of the organization do, how they interrelate, and who sees that the work gets done.  This White Paper lists the 13 things that you should and should not do when putting a job description together.

Questions To Ask In an Interview: Interview Questions for Employers

The best questions to ask in an interview…it’s an issue on the mind of many HR professionals these days, particularly with hiring picking back up after the long recession. This report combines PowerPoint slides with notes in a 43-page White Paper to demonstrate the best interview questions for employers.

Job Descriptions in California: How To Tackle Tricky Drafting Hurdles

This white paper explains why it is important for companies to have and update their job descriptions, and the 2 major legal issues that that drive how job descriptions should be drafted.  It also gets to the nuts and bolts of actually drafting job descriptions that work.

Executive Summary: Healthcare Reform For California Employers

Regardless of your political inclinations, one thing is clear: healthcare reform will affect your business, and your job is to know how. This Executive Summary provides a rundown of the immediate changes, as well as those to be implemented in coming years.

10 Tips for Effective, Legal Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals can help strengthen your legal position if you’re sued by an employee. Your best defense is to demonstrate a pattern of careful documentation and counseling with all employees.  Here are 10 tips for building up a solid defense so it’s there in case you ever need it

Notice Requirements for CFRA and FMLA: California Labor Laws

Getting the notice requirements right is one of the trickiest aspects of CFRA compliance. This free white paper covers employee notice requirements (foreseeable leave, unforeseeable leave, and content of notice), employer notice requirements (general notice, eligibility notice, notice of rights & responsibilities, and designation notice), and the required timing of medical certifications.

20 Must-Have Employee Handbook Policies

Employee handbooks come in all shapes and sizes, but an incomplete or incorrect handbook is more than just a nuisance. If it's not drafted correctly, your handbook can actually lead you down the very path you're hoping to avoid: The one that leads to the local courthouse. This report gives you a list of the 20 “must-have” policies that no employee handbook should be without.