HR Works: Talent Development Professionals Can Improve Retention and Your Bottom Line

Retention is a major concern for most every organization these days. Changing employee demographics and expectations, evolving business needs, and rapidly advancing technology add complexity to the challenge. And for sure, as the unemployment rate drops, it’s even tougher to keep your best talent. On the plus side, all this means that talent development professionals […]


Infographic: Science-Based Reason for Why You Should Make Friends at Work

The average adult with full-time employment spends much of their waking life at work. Ambition and determination to climb the corporate ladder can result in competitive tendencies that alienate you from your coworkers. This cutthroat attitude in your career may hinder your relationships at work and keep you from reaching your full potential. People with […]


HR Works: Strategic Talent Management Improves Engagement, Organizational Effectiveness

Talent management has moved to the front burner for most organizations as the economy has improved. In episode 51 of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, our guest, Magi Graziano discusses a talent management system she’s developed that gives business leaders the actionable steps to align their corporate strategy with their people strategy, thereby […]


#MeToo: Facts About Sexual Harassment in the Workforce (Infographic)

The #MeToo and Time’s Up Now movement is sparking much debate across the country, and your workplace is no exception. But just how prevalent is sexual harassment in companies across the U.S.?  The infographic below highlights key findings from a recent CareerBuilder survey.


Infographic: Tips for Ending the Burden of Onboarding

According to a new study from Kronos Incorporated, onboarding is a critical weakness for a majority of organizations that stalls new hire momentum and threatens to disengage enthusiastic employees during their crucial first weeks on the job.


Infographic: 66% of Employers Offer More Health and Wellness Programs Than 5 Years Ago

Companies that aren’t focusing on employee health and wellness should make it a New Year’s resolution. In a recent survey from staffing firm OfficeTeam, two-thirds of HR managers (66%) reported their organization has expanded their health and wellness offerings in the past 5 years. And these efforts haven’t gone unnoticed: 89% of workers said their […]


Slideshow: 25 Unique Employee Benefits: A Key to Talent Retention

It’s no secret that offering key benefits is a great way to attract and retain talent, but is offering just the basic medical, dental, and vision healthcare packages enough? Are you losing out on top talent to companies that are offering perks—such as the 6-month paid sabbatical to pursue personal growth opportunities that Deloitte offers, […]


HR Works: How To Use Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving

In episode 50 of HR Works: The Podcast for HR Professionals, John K. Coyle, founder and CEO of The Art of Really Living, joins us to discuss “design thinking”—an approach to innovation and problem solving that could be useful to HR managers. John won an Olympic silver medal in speed skating—an achievement he attributes directly […]