HR Works: Expand Your Onboarding Beyond the ‘New Hire’ Experience

Does your onboarding process mainly consist of new hire paperwork and introductions to staff and management?  Mimi Jerkan and Marina Vasich of SilkRoad, a global leader in talent activation, say that onboarding should involve much more than the new hire experience, and should encompass the entire employee journey. They call it ‘strategic onboarding’ and they’re […]


HR Works: How To Build Championship Mindsets in Your Organization

We often look to sport teams for examples of engagement and passion and motivation, and we use sports metaphors for several workplace situations. In keeping with the start of the NFL season this week, a few of the many football metaphors used in business include “kicking off” a new project or product planning process, “Monday […]

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HR Works: 7 Practices of Extraordinary Workplace Teams

Workplace teams can be the cornerstone to the success of an organization when they are functioning at a high level.  But unfortunately, as nearly anyone who has been part of a workplace team can attest, that isn’t always the case.  And the symptoms of a team that isn’t working well are probably also too familiar—unclear […]


HR Works: Make Employee Training More Impactful Through Storytelling

HR professionals and in-house trainers know that in a world of non-stop communication and distractions, effective employee training can be challenging.  But our guests –Sharon Lucas, President of CDT3 Training and Jessica Du Preez (, a Graphic Recorder—have experience in making training more engaging, memorable and impactful by incorporating storytelling. In episode 39 of HR […]


Infographic: What Skills Are Needed for the Future of Work?

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that in 2020, about 5 million jobs will be replaced by automated machines. Self-driving cars will gradually change the way we travel, and artificial intelligence (AI) will soon make decisions for us. We are on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an age that will require […]


Infographic: How Leading with Equality and Values Impacts Your Business

Increasingly, customers and employees expect companies—and their leaders—to stand for more than just the bottom line. More and more social advocacy, a commitment to equality, and giving back are defining successful brands. To learn more about these evolving expectations, Salesforce Research surveyed over 1,500 business professionals on workplace equality and values-driven leadership trends.