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Ask the Expert: Can Exemption Salary Threshold Be Met Between Two Employers?

We have an employee who works for two different companies with separate EINs (Employee Identification Numbers) but under common management–i.e. the same parent company–for insurance purposes. Can a combination of both salaries the employee earns be used to meet the exemption salary threshold requirements under the new overtime rule?  The employee earns $30k at each company, for a total of $60k.


Mr. Pink May Have Been On to Something with His ‘No Tipping’ Logic

In an iconic scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs, Steve Buscemi’s character, Mr. Pink, gets into a heated argument over why he refuses to tip the waitress that is serving the table. During the debate, Mr. Pink successfully voices his concern over tipping and influences one of the other characters to follow suit. It appears art is now dictating life, as one Oregon restaurant has eliminated tips for its waitstaff.