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Employer Pays $2M for Retaliating Against HR Director

The American Dental Association has agreed to pay almost $2 million to resolve claims that it fired its Human Resources (HR) director and legal counsel in retaliation for speaking up about discrimination in the workplace.


So You Want to Work for My Fake Company … Huh?

College graduation is right around the corner, so the influx of “fresh meat” in the workforce is only a few weeks away. And where will most of these college grads end up looking for jobs? One could assume trendy tech companies like Google will see their fair share of applicants, but what about start-up companies […]


How Inclusive Is Your Organization?

It can be overwhelming deciding the best course of action to take to take to nurture diversity and inclusion at your organization. It doesn’t have to be that way. To build more diverse and inclusive organizations, you need to understand the employee experience—how people from all backgrounds feel about their workplace.

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Wage and Hour: Is It Legal to Suspend an Employee Without Pay as a Form of Discipline?

QUESTION: My company often sends employees home without pay for various offenses, such as egregious dress code violations, insubordination, and slacking off. Sometimes, the employee is told to return the next day, and sometimes the suspension runs for a few days or more while we investigate. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I’m asking, but […]

The 14 Qualities of Great Leaders

In today’s Advisor, business and leadership blogger Dan Oswald offers his thoughts on qualities of great leaders. (Oswald, CEO of BLR® offers these thoughts weekly in The Oswald Letter.) Marvin Bower joined McKinsey & Company in 1933 and served as the management consulting firm’s managing partner from 1950 to 1967. In 1997, he published a […]

Are Your Employees Ready to Take Flight?

It is more important than ever that companies evolve as quickly as the workforce in order to survive. The quality of talent, of course, has always been a top priority for business leaders and HR professionals. Nevertheless, there remains a lot of work to be done when it comes to retaining employees that have one […]