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Workplace Drug Use Hits 12-Year High

Drug use in the American workforce has reached the highest positivity rate in 12 years, according to an analysis of more than 10 million workforce drug test results recently released by Quest Diagnostics, a provider of diagnostic information services. 


Health Benefit Costs Still Rising Worldwide, Survey Finds

The cost of employer-provided healthcare benefits around the globe continues to climb with little relief in sight, according to a survey of health insurers by Willis Towers Watson. Insurers attribute this trend to the cost of hospital/inpatient and outpatient medical services, advanced medical technology, and the overuse and overprescribing of services.


Total CEO Pay Rose 6% in 2016, Willis Towers Watson Study Finds

Increases in total compensation for chief executive officers (CEOs) at the nation’s largest corporations remained fairly moderate again last year, driven largely by uneven corporate performance, increasing bonuses, and a sharp decrease in the value of stock option exercises, according to a new analysis of proxy disclosures by Willis Towers Watson, a leading global advisory, […]


Simulations Help Prepare Rescue Teams for Emergencies

Hands-on practice reinforces training content and helps participants perfect their skills—before they need to use those skills on the job. In the case of rescue teams, that practice can mean the difference between life and death.


Putting PBGC Premiums in Their Historical Context

When will the U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) premiums force a change in contribution policy? A look at the federal agency’s accounting statements points to the answer: “Sooner rather than later.”