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7th Circuit: No ADEA Liability for Terminating Retirees Because of Benefit Costs

The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin—recently decided an interesting and complex case involving allegations of age discrimination. Retirees who continued to work part-time for an Indiana county argued the county violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) when it terminated them to save money on health insurance benefits.


Disability Discrimination: Terminated Cancer Survivor’s ADA Claim Fails, Part 2

As you’ll recall in part one of this article, “Willow” a cancer survivor with long-lasting side effects, was terminated from her position at Medtronic. Medtronic cited poor performance, among other reasons, in its decision to terminate Willow. After a district court ruled in Medtronic’s favor, Willow appealed to the 8th Circuit.


Severance Agreements: Drafting Do’s and Don’ts for Avoiding EEOC Attention

Van Parys, who is with Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP in Sacramento, offered his tips at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition held recently in Orlando. Recent EEOC Actions Two recently filed lawsuits, in which severance agreements were called  overly broad and unenforceable, may help employers fashion their own severance agreements, says Van Parys. EEOC […]


What Laws Relate to Antidiscrimination in the Workplace?

No employer wants to be accused of discrimination. Employers strive to treat employees fairly and act without improper bias. To do this and also remain in legal compliance, it’s more important than ever to understand the various laws that protect employees from different types of discrimination.


4 Benefits of Effective Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions may seem to be an onerous task, but if done well, there can be many benefits for your organization. “Unfortunately, not all hiring managers and companies value a well-developed job description. So, it’s critical to understand the rewards – along with the mitigating risks as they apply to federal, state and local […]


Here Comes EEOC 2013—Charges, Investigations, and Claims

Review of Charge Activity, Backlog, and Benefits Provided On November 19, 2012, the EEOC announced the publication of the FY 2012 Performance and Accountability Report. During FY 2012, the Commission again received nearly 100,000 charges, with the past 3 years involving a record number of charges in the Commission’s 47-year history. Since FY 2006, there […]


The Challenges of an Aging Workforce

Solving the worker shortage by retaining your older workers brings many benefits, but an aging workforce also raises several challenges. A June 10 webinar will tell you what you need to know.