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Employers’ Flu Worries Go Beyond Germs, Attendance

This year’s influenza outbreak has sickened millions of people across the country, leaving employers struggling to cover for employees who are out sick and searching for ways to prevent others from coming down with the flu. But dealing with germ control and sick days is only the beginning. Legal issues also can come into play.


Howard Stern’s day off : the danger of digging for details when employees call in sick

Shock Jock Howard Stern took an unexpected day off from his radio show last week which prompted a firestorm of speculation on social media as to the underlying reason for his absence.  Although Stern’s absence was initially attributed to a “personal day,” many fans speculated that Stern’s sick father was the real reason he missed […]


Unexcused Absences Still a Valid Reason for Termination

By John S. Gannon, JD, Skoler, Abbott & Presser, P.C As employment litigation becomes more and more prevalent, employers are left wondering whether it’s ever safe to fire employees who violate company policy. Courts and administrative agencies have ruled against employers that have fired employees for improprieties such as shouting obscenities in the workplace or […]


HR Assessments: Q&A with Lori Kleiman

In yesterday’s Advisor, Lori Kleiman, SPHR, presented her 7 steps to an effective HR assessment; today, the challenges of the HR function along with a brief Q&A with Kleiman.