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6 important ways to avoid playing the blame game

by Dan Oswald When the going gets tough, how long does it take for someone to ask, “Who’s to blame for this mess?” Unfortunately, the answer is not very long. We live in a world in which everyone wants to place blame. You don’t have to look any further than the Great Recession. Republicans blamed […]


Insights from the C-Suite

I’m Dan Oswald, president and publisher of M. Lee Smith Publishers, and the newest blogger on the Employment Law Post. My first posts appeared on the Human Resources News blog. Here’s a list of those posts. The Time for Bold Action Keeping Your Eye on the Ball Bad Economy No Excuse for Not Succeeding Keep Long-Term […]


Who’s to Blame for Layoffs?

I was speaking with a friend recently. He had worked for a large financial services company and had lost his job the day before our conversation. My friend told me that he hadn’t been surprised by the announcement. In fact, he knew it was coming for some time and was just waiting for his “package.” […]