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What is the Skills Gap Costing Your Company?

It’s one of today’s most vexing economic puzzles: Why can’t employers find workers to fill their positions when approximately 7.5 million Americans are unemployed, and millions more are working part-time because they can’t find full-time positions or have given up looking for work altogether?


Sales Training Should Focus on Both Business Objectives and Customer Problems

We would like to offer a declaration—an inflexible line in the sand, if you will. It is foundational to the value of sales training and the professionals who proudly call themselves sales trainers. It is as follows:
Every sales trainer has to enable two outcomes—increase revenue year over year and protect revenue year over year.


4 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s HR Communications

From paid time off (PTO) requests to performance reviews, most HR professionals understand that communicating with employees can be challenging. You need to collect a wealth of information from your workforce—which often requires tracking down individuals and sending countless reminders—but you also need to avoid over-communicating so they aren’t bogged down under a flood of emails from HR.

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New Study Debunks Major Myths Around Background Checks for Employers

“Never judge a book by its cover.” A common phrase that in terms of recruitment means something very unique. When it comes to selecting the best candidates to work for your company, going deeper than just face value should be a routine practice. According to a new CareerBuilder survey that outlines myths around background checks, […]


What HR Needs to Consider About their Business Vehicle Program During Tax Season

While there is still a short window of time for individuals to file and close out on last year’s taxes, for most companies, tax season is already in the rearview mirror. An often overlooked way to reduce employer taxes is within the business vehicle programs. By using this year’s tax season as a time to reevaluate, businesses can implement sound policies and programs to ensure the organization and the employee are in the best position come tax time next year.