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Automation is Increasing Productivity, Not Job Losses

Business process automation is enabling companies to realize significant productivity gains in such areas as finance, accounting, and HR, but it is not yet leading to broad job losses, according to a new study from Information Services Group (ISG), a technology research and advisory firm.

Workplace Diversity

What Can Companies Do to Help Create an Inclusive Culture?

Deloitte has announced new research that identifies keys to driving a highly diverse and inclusive corporate culture, which in turn drives better business outcomes. Summarized in a WhatWorks® brief, the findings appear in “High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion: Maturity Model and Top Findings,” research from Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

paid time for travel

Is California Employer Liable for Employee’s Negligence While Driving to Company Yard?

In the following case, an employer required an employee to drive his personal vehicle to the company yard and then drive the company truck from the yard to the jobsite, transporting his coworkers and construction materials in the company truck. One day, the employee injured a motorcyclist while he was driving his own car to […]


Equal Pay Requirements Under the FLSA

In this new article series, we will provide a refresher on the basics of the Fair Labor Standard Act’s (FLSA’s) requirements.  In this article, we will review The Equal Pay Act (EPA), which amended the minimum wage provisions of the FLSA and is subject to enforcement under the FLSA.


Ask the Expert: Can We Forfeit Commission Payout If Employee Doesn’t Meet Criteria?

Question: If there is an agreement in place that an employee must meet certain criteria before receiving their commission payout, and they don’t meet the criteria by the deadline, can you forfeit paying the commission? For example, the invoice/job order the employee submits has to be turned in by X amount of days otherwise the […]


Workers Routinely Go the Extra Mile but Companies Don’t Get the Full Picture, Says Survey

In its first annual Billing and Burnout Report, Kimble Applications—a professional automation service company—analyzed and reported on the habits and burnout of employees that track billable hours (accountants, lawyers, IT consultants, marketers, etc.), finding that many employees under report the hours they work—a potentially dangerous little white lie.


Securing a New Leader for Change

As businesses mature and position for growth, change, or succession, it is time to take a good look at the leaders of your company.  Are they still the right people to take your business to the next level?