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Your ‘Worker Experience’ May Be Impacting Your Bottom Line

A new study examines global worker and customer experiences across industries. The Worker Shapes The Customers’ Experience study—released by Appirio, a global services company that helps customers create next-generation worker and customer experiences—shows that while executives say they understand the importance of worker experience and its impact on customer experience (and thereby customer loyalty and […]


CEOs Expect Significant Investment in Technology Over Next 3 Years

U.S. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are highly confident about their business prospects over the next 3 years and will focus on investing in new technologies in order to remain competitive and grow, according to a study released today by KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax, and advisory firm.  


What Is Sex Stereotyping?

Have you heard the term “sex stereotyping”? Do you know what it means in reference to workplace behaviors?


Difficulties Managing Employees Across Multiple States

Staying in regulatory compliance and treating employees consistently are goals any employer would have. Continuing to do so as the organization grows and operates across multiple states, however, can present many challenges. How can an organization grow and continue to operate across state lines while minimizing risks and maximizing productivity?

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Prevention: The Easiest Thing to Teach and the Hardest Thing to Accomplish

When we reported last year about the ouster of recently deceased Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, we noted that Ailes’ repeated pattern of “couch casting” didn’t occur in a vacuum; rather, it sent a message throughout the organization that sexually harassing behavior was condoned at the highest level. We noted that it would take more to […]

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Artificial Intelligence Will Become a Regular Part of HR in Next 5 Years

Artificial intelligence and automation will have a major impact on HR and employment over the next few years, according to new CareerBuilder research. More than one in 10 HR managers (13%) are already seeing evidence of artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a regular part of HR, and 55% say it will be in the next 5 […]

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The Rich Benefits of Transforming Organizations into People-First Cultures

As HR pros know, business literature is packed with statistical proof that companies with people-first cultures outperform their competitors. The companies that routinely appear on “Best Places to Work” lists usually have two things in common: a people-first, employee-centric culture and superior business results.