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The Future Worker Redefined—From Employee to ‘Contributor’

The word “contributor,” not “employee,” will be a better representation of a worker in 2025, according to 47% of companies and 57% of workers.  The findings come from a study from Randstad US, an HR services and staffing company in the United States.


83% of Women Over 25 are Postponing Starting a Family to Focus on Careers, Says Survey

First comes love, second comes marriage, then comes … delayed family plans? Eighty-three percent of women over the age of 25 who plan to have children are postponing starting a family to focus on their career, compared to 79% of men, found a recent CareerBuilder survey. Wanting to earn and save enough money to provide […]


How to Overcome Everyday Leadership Challenges

There are many challenges that all managers face. Whilst these challenges can arise at any point in a manager’s career, they can be particularly prevalent for newer or first-time managers. We’ve compiled a handy list of these challenges with tips on how to combat them, become the best manager possible, and support your team on its way to success.


Unemployed? Dead-End Job? This App Is Not for You

Are you a single, hard-working individual who is looking for Mr. or Ms. Right who has the same work ethic or career aspirations as you do? We’ll you’re in luck! There’s a new dating app that will help you find a partner based on his or her current career.


How to Keep Good Employees When Their Current Roles Are a Bad Fit

by Lindsay Witcher, director of Practice Strategy, RiseSmart Mobility is the new buzzword in HR. The gig economy, a growing Millennial workforce, remote workers, and globalization have all contributed to a change in how companies and employees view the employer/employee relationship. Organizations and HR departments that haven’t found ways to retain talent and leverage the […]