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“Boss Baby”—an adorable film about leading others to succeed

My kids are begging me to take them to see the new movie “Boss Baby,” an animated film about a baby (who is actually a savvy business leader) who leads other babies in an uprising against puppies, who are encroaching on the babies’ long-held monopoly on love and attention.  The movie exemplifies, in a fun […]


Road Trip Redux

Litigation Value: Nothing this week, at least not from an employment law perspective. But beware next year’s version of Recyclops. At the rate Dwight Schrute is going, he’s going to wreak some real havoc. This week’s repeat episode has Michael Scott and His Merry Men (Andy, Dwight and Oscar) off to New York — in […]


Overcoming Language, Hearing Obstacles for Safety’s Sake

By Jason Bohanan Communicating with employees is essential to the health of any business. Daily communication between management, supervisors, and front-line employees helps keep every aspect of the business running, from planning meetings to ensuring everyday assignments are completed. Unfortunately, no method of communication is perfect. Communication breakdowns, such as lost memos and unchecked voicemails, […]