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Your ‘Worker Experience’ May Be Impacting Your Bottom Line

A new study examines global worker and customer experiences across industries. The Worker Shapes The Customers’ Experience study—released by Appirio, a global services company that helps customers create next-generation worker and customer experiences—shows that while executives say they understand the importance of worker experience and its impact on customer experience (and thereby customer loyalty and […]


CEOs Expect Significant Investment in Technology Over Next 3 Years

U.S. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are highly confident about their business prospects over the next 3 years and will focus on investing in new technologies in order to remain competitive and grow, according to a study released today by KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax, and advisory firm.  


What Are Talent Analytics, and How Can You Use Them?

Do you use data and have metrics related to sourcing talent? For example, do you know which of your recruiting pipelines generates the highest percentage of hires? Do you continue to use data to assess employee productivity, engagement, and retention? What about using and analyzing data to ensure the right staffing levels or to know […]

Defined benefit retirement plan

Consider These Steps When Administering DB Plan Lump-Sum Windows

Lump-sum windows that offer defined benefit (DB) retirement plan participants a chance to convert their vested accrued monthly benefit into a one-time lump-sum cashout have gained popularity as a way for pensions to “derisk” their balance sheets and lower their headcount for U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) premiums.


6 Tools for Teambuilding in a Global Economy

The importance of effective teamwork has never been more critical than it is now. Why? Simply put, businesses aren’t run the way they used to be. In the past, organizations had a clear top-to-bottom hierarchy, departments were self-contained, and neat borders existed between individual roles. Such a set-up may appeal to our sense of order, […]


The Health Plan Audit: Why It’s More Critical Today

Even after the first attempt at a proposed rewrite of the nation’s healthcare law was pulled from a congressional vote back in March, the potential of the president’s American Health Care Act, aka “Trumpcare,” still weighs on the minds of employers and employees alike.


Digital Diabetes Solutions Can Play Valuable Role in Workplace Diabetes Interventions, Says Report

Digital diabetes solutions are not a panacea but can offer employers valuable assistance in combatting diabetes among their populations, says a new report from Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH). The report, “Digital Diabetes Solutions in Action: An Opportunity Study,” profiles a pilot program begun within a segment of employees at Mount Sinai Health System […]