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How to Ensure HR Activities and Metrics Align with Company Objectives

Aligning HR activities and metrics with company objectives isn’t just prudent. It’s a way to ensure that the HR team will be seen as a key strategic partner in business decisions—and a way to help the entire organization achieve goals from the top down. You’re all on the same team, so it pays to be […]


Unemployment Is Down. Will Your Employees Jump Ship?

It’s well-known that high unemployment rates discourage employees from voluntarily leaving their jobs—even if they’re unhappy—because of the uncertainty in how long it will take to secure a new position. However, the unemployment rate has been steadily dropping for several years, now (in early 2015) reaching lows last seen before the recession. The number of […]


Retention Fundamentals: What Makes Employees Stay?

High turnover is a cost most employers seek to avoid. Yet, societal norms have changed such that it’s quite normal for individuals to change jobs every few years. An unhappy employee is more likely to move on, of course, so employers have incentive to do what they can to increase retention levels—reducing their own costs […]


7 Steps that Managers Can Take to Improve Employee Engagement

By William Taylor If you want higher productivity from your employees and better customer service, one way to achieve that is boosting employee engagement. A recent survey reported that about 63 percent of U.S. workers are not engaged in their jobs. When employees are disengaged, they lose productivity and can negatively impact the morale of […]


Workplace Feedback—Punishment, Puzzle, or Gift?

By William Taylor People want and need to know how they’re doing in their jobs. Feedback is important to employees, and it’s also an important management tool for improving performance. The thing is that feedback is not always done well, and it is also not always received well. Why? What can companies do to make […]


‘Why You Hate Work’ (Only 30 Percent of Employees Engaged?)

Sunday’s New York Times featured an article titled “Why You Hate Work.” Right from the opening paragraph, I must admit, I had my back up a bit. The article claims it’s very likely that I’m not excited about my work, I don’t feel appreciated while there, I find it difficult to get my most important […]


Who’s working at home, and is home the proper place?

Workers who battle drive-time traffic, spend a significant portion of a paycheck at the gas station, and fight the distracting hubbub of the office may dream of working amid the comforts of home. There’s no frustrating commute, no office annoyances. But a good many telecommuters worry that they’re missing something because they’re isolated from colleagues. […]


Know the Secrets of Successful Employee Engagement

By William Taylor The emotional commitment an employee has toward a company and its main goals is called employee engagement—employees being more focused on helping the company thrive. This emotional binder has nothing to do with financial compensation but with the personal feelings of that employee for the workplace. Let’s not confuse engagement with happiness. […]