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Eclipse Overshadows Workday, Costs Employers Millions

August 21, 2017, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a solar eclipse for some and—since it occurred on a Monday—a loss of profit for others. Did your company hold a solar eclipse viewing party, or did you simply allow your employees to view the eclipse on their own? Either way, if your employees weren’t working […]


Establishing a Pet-Friendly Policy for Your Workplace

Yesterday we discussed why a pet-friendly policy may be a great addition to your internal culture. Pets help reduce stress and improve employee morale. However, you also want to ensure your office doesn’t end up proverbially going to the dogs.  Here are some tips for introducing a pet-friendly workplace:


How to Boost Employee Morale with Office Perks

By Kerry Anne Carter, vice president, Staples Business Advantage It’s probably no surprise that surveys show employees are overworked, burned out, and just plain stressed. While it may be an accepted reality, this burnout is bad news for organizations’ recruitment and retention goals. Staples Business Advantage’s 2016 Workplace Index found nearly half of employees acknowledge […]