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Smell Harassment: Yes, That’s a Real Thing and There Is Training for It

What is smell harassment? There is no formal definition of this term, at least where Merriam-Webster is concerned. However, it can be defined as a person—or group of people—who is offended by the way another person smells, particularly via a person’s body odor or bad breath. This touchy subject can also open Pandora’s Box for […]


Tell Workers It’s Okay to Recharge Their Batteries

Have you ever received a battery-operated gift only to discover you didn’t have the batteries required to make it work? If so, you understand the initial excitement that came with the gift and the corresponding disappointment of realizing that without the energy source, the gift was completely useless.


Mr. Pink May Have Been On to Something with His ‘No Tipping’ Logic

In an iconic scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs, Steve Buscemi’s character, Mr. Pink, gets into a heated argument over why he refuses to tip the waitress that is serving the table. During the debate, Mr. Pink successfully voices his concern over tipping and influences one of the other characters to follow suit. It appears […]


Breaking Borders: 5 Ways Analytics Can Help Drive ROI of Global Benefits

While analytics have become popular in the world of HR, the ability to analyze and gain actionable insights into global benefits and reward data has remained largely unexplored. Until recently, that is. Organizations are now starting to realize that they need to demonstrate concrete ROI on their benefits spend, especially since benefits make up such […]


Do Your Employees Work as Hard as They Do for Coffee?

Make sure your coffeepot station is fully stocked because September 29 is National Coffee Day, and according to a recent survey, your employees are willing to do just about anything to make sure they don’t have to give up their favorite beverage!


Will The New Overtime Regs Be a Train Wreck? You Tell Us!

It’s difficult to be in the American workforce right now without hearing about the Department of Labor’s (DOL) new overtime regulations. We want to know what you think about them, how your organization is preparing for them, and what your organization will do once December 1st swings around.


Unsafe Employees Cannot Be Ignored

Unsafe employees are a risk for everyone and should not be tolerated in the workplace. It seems so obvious when put into writing! But unfortunately, it can be easy to brush problems under the rug and hope for the best (more on that in a minute).