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IRS Now Enforcing ACA Employer Mandate

Despite the past year’s showdowns over the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) fate and the turmoil in the individual insurance market, the law’s employer mandate is alive and well—and more urgent than ever.


Employee Trust and Faith in Management Are Huge Retention Factors

A new survey has found that employees who experience healthy and productive working relationships with their manager, have high levels of trust in their leadership, and the believe that they are being listened to are much more likely to remain with their employer.


Employer Options for Assisting Employees After Major Disasters

From the record number of hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, to significant wildfires across the western United States, and more recent flooding in the Northeast, an unprecedented number of disasters have affected individuals throughout the country over the past year.


Latest NLRB ‘Microunits’ Reversal is ‘Big Win for Employers’

The latest National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision reversing actions by the Obama-era Board hands employers a win against an organizing tactic that gave unions the upper hand in determining what constitutes an appropriate bargaining unit. As was the case with other mid-December decisions, the Board turned the old standard into the new standard.


Are You Responsible When Employees Don’t Report All Hours Worked?

Employers often place the burden of recording hours worked on employees. Employee handbooks may contain provisions that require employees to record and report all their time worked, and employers may require employees to verify their hours by reviewing and signing their time cards. Policies may prohibit off-the-clock work and notify employees that they must report […]


Anatomy (and Costs) of a Bad Hire

A new survey conducted among over 2,200 full-time hiring managers and HR professionals discloses the multitude of reasons why employers make bad hires.


Latest Employer Tactics for Reducing Healthcare Costs

Although the trend in the employer health insurance marketplace is relatively restrained in contrast with the out-of-control individual marketplace—averaging just 2.6% for 2016-2017—overall costs remain very high. Consumerist tactics continue to be among the primary ways employers seeks to contain (if not reduce) costs.