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70% of Nurses Feel Burnt Out in Their Current Job

Chances are, all Americans have felt the care and impact of a nurse at some point in their lives. CareerBuilder has released new data that explores the growing demand for—and demands on—this critical segment of the workforce, and how this is impacting nurses’ job satisfaction. 

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The Remote Work Debate: C-Suite Executives vs. Employees

IBM recently announced a new company-wide policy that employees are no longer allowed to work remotely. The policy states that IBM’s U.S.-based employees will eventually have to begin working from one of six main offices located in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Cambridge, Atlanta, or Raleigh. Employees who do not live close to one of […]


Workers Routinely Go the Extra Mile but Companies Don’t Get the Full Picture, Says Survey

In its first annual Billing and Burnout Report, Kimble Applications—a professional automation service company—analyzed and reported on the habits and burnout of employees that track billable hours (accountants, lawyers, IT consultants, marketers, etc.), finding that many employees under report the hours they work—a potentially dangerous little white lie.


Simulations Help Prepare Rescue Teams for Emergencies

Hands-on practice reinforces training content and helps participants perfect their skills—before they need to use those skills on the job. In the case of rescue teams, that practice can mean the difference between life and death.

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What a Nightmare: Strangest Work Dreams

Having dreams about work sounds like a nightmare! Sleep is an essential component in workplace productivity, but according to a new CareerBuilder® survey, 26% of respondents feel they don’t get enough sleep each night, and 60% say that a lack of sleep has negatively impacted their work.


A Shift in Workplaces: 52% of U.S. Employees Work Remotely

The working world has tipped the balance in favor of flexibility. Latest research commissioned by Regus, the flexible workspace provider, shows that over half of workers in the United States now work from outside their company’s main offices for half the week or more. When asked where they work when away from the office, 41% […]


Why Do Employees Want Flexible Work?

Many employers have taken notice that employees today are requesting flexible work options more often. Whether that’s telecommuting, a flexible work schedule, a shortened work week, or some other flexible arrangement, these types of benefits are becoming more and more common.


2017 Annual Recruiting Survey

The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2017 Annual Recruiting Survey in January 2017. Recruiting is one of the hottest issues for HR professionals (and recruiters, of course) largely thanks to an improving economy and low unemployment rates. We wanted to take a snapshot of the recruiting landscape with this survey. Check out some […]