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Ask the Expert: How Should Gift Cards Be Recorded, Handled by Payroll?

Question: We have a point system for our employees in which we award gift cards. These amounts are updated on the payroll for each employee that is a recipient of these awards. Our question is how we need to file these documents for proper recordkeeping. Can we keep one file with a spreadsheet of names […]


Family Leave Isn’t an Option for Low Income Workers, Says Research

When a medical or family need arises, most people would like to take some time off without the fear of losing part of their pay—or even their job. But a recent Pew Research Center Study says many—particularly workers whose wages are low—feel unable to do so.


What are the Best Cities for Education Jobs?

Whether you’re seeking a Montessori teacher, a college professor with tenure, or a librarian, they need a place to live. And if they’re renting, some cities are better than others.  How do the job opportunities and salaries in the education industry in your area measure up against housing costs?


Financial wellness: 4 Steps toward confidence—and ROI

Yesterday’s Leadership Daily Advisor discussed a new view on making employer-sponsored financial wellness initiatives more impactful—the idea that financial courage may have a lot more to do with employees’ motivation than financial literacy. Today we offer four points to consider to help incorporate some courage-building and meaningful return-on-investment metrics within your financial wellbeing programs.


Ask the Expert: Tax Withholding for Employee Working in Multiple States

Question:  We have an employee who lives and works out of one state but does work for our office in another state and travels to that office a couple times of month.  Do we withhold taxes for the state the employee lives and primarily works in or for the state he often travels to for […]


ACA Repeal Proposal Released; Cadillac Tax Remains

On March 6, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) released long-awaited proposed legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through a budget process known as reconciliation—a process that allows legislation to be passed with a simple majority in the Senate. The legislation is part of House Republicans’ American Health […]


IRS Limits Excludability of Fixed Indemnity Payments

Payments that an employer makes to an employee under a fixed indemnity health plan must be included in the employee’s taxable income, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently indicated, if the plan premiums were paid by the employer or by salary reduction under a cafeteria plan.


Ask the Expert: My Employees Want to Donate Leave to Veteran Coworker

Question: Several exempt employees would like to donate an accrued vacation hour to a nonexempt employee to show appreciation for his military service. Is it possible to transfer this time? And, if so, how should it be taxed for the donator and/or recipient? Also, do I need a policy for this–or no, because it is […]


Ask the Expert: Are Employee Recognition ‘Gifts’ Taxable Income?

Question: If we create an employee recognition program that awards points to employees that can be used to purchase company-branded items from an online store, does the value of the items “purchased” by the employees have to be added to their gross income for tax purposes?