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Company Culture’s Impact on Constructive Performance Measurement

Human Resource (HR) professionals are often put in situations where they are required to balance the needs and wants of employees as well as those of the overall company. While the needs of a company are important, employees are the key reason as to why companies are successful, which means their ability to deliver results while being happy in their role is the ultimate goal.


What’s the Skill Your Managers Need to Improve On Most?

The skills associated with good management include communication, leadership, and expertise. However, a new survey is showing that most managers lack these skills. Strong communication skills are necessary at every career stage, but especially for those in leadership positions. How does your management team stack up in the eyes of your employees?


In A World of Competition, A Little Collaboration Goes a Long Way

Whether the topic is recruiting, human resources, or leadership, the businesses that lead in these fields are in constant competition. They might compete to get more business, to get the best hires, or to have the best brand. The powerful market force of competition, however, has a twin force: collaboration.


The Blended Workforce: How to Effectively Blend Workers—Like Whiskey

Is a blended workforce like blended whiskey? In my bartending days I learned that a blended whiskey was a mix of the best qualities of the best scotch flavors. So it follows that the blended workforce mixes the best qualities of the best workers. Sounds like a recipe for success, but it may not be that simple (blended whiskeys are very complex).


Employees Will Be Easy to Lose and Hard to Hire in 2017, Says Report

The Execu|Search Group, a recruitment, temporary staffing, and workforce management solutions firm, released its 2017 Hiring Outlook: Strategies For Engaging With Today’s Talent And Improving The Candidate Experience. The report provides insights into the considerations professionals make when deciding whether to apply for a job, join a company, or leave their current position.


5 Tips to Help Develop Great Leaders

Like a stone thrown into the water, what leaders do has a ripple effect that extends well beyond those immediately around them. Besides impacting performance, leaders serve as role models, impacting the attitudes, behavior, and organizational culture with almost every interaction they have with their peers and direct reports.