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The 3 essential behaviors I look for in my team members

by Dan Oswald A few weeks ago, our company held its annual strategic planning session. In a meeting of our executive team, a consultant we work with shared an insight that I want to pass along. What did he say that I found so profound? He told us that successful leaders “make it clear which […]


View your mistakes as a learning opportunity, not as a failure

by Dan Oswald Sometimes it’s not about how you win but how you lose. That was the lesson Coach Dave Belisle taught his Rhode Island baseball team last year when they lost 8-7 in a Little League World Series elimination game. This video clip shows the story of the team and the words the coach […]


Continuously innovate to stay at the top of your game

by Dan Oswald I recently saw two photos that caught my eye. The first, from 2005, was taken when Pope Benedict XVI was introduced as the new pope. The second, taken in 2013, was from the unveiling of Pope Francis. While less than a decade had passed between the two events, there is a notable […]


Followership—It’s the Key to Leadership

Speaking at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Annual Conference and Exposition held recently in Las Vegas, training and leadership expert Cory Bouck analogized a modern playground to the business world—business isn’t yoga, it’s dodgeball. The yoga kids will end up working for the dodgeball kids. So how can you succeed in a dodgeball […]


Don’t let one person’s lack of planning bring the whole team down

by Dan Oswald Have you ever seen a sign that says something like “lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine” hanging in someone’s office or retail establishment? If you think about it for a minute, it’s surprising how often an unplanned or unanticipated event for one person turns into an […]


Common Employee Complaints About Bad Bosses

When employees are dissatisfied at work, one of their most common complaints is a bad boss. But for employers interested in improving employee morale and workplace culture, the idea of “bad” is too general. What makes a bad boss? What exactly are the most common complaints about bad bosses?