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Why Aren’t Hiring Managers Recruiting Veterans?

There is a disconnect between veterans and civilian hiring managers that goes both ways. Veterans leave military service typically unprepared and unarmed with the tools to position themselves as viable candidates to civilian companies, and hiring managers are unskilled and untrained in how to recruit military veterans for jobs outside of service.


Train Hiring Managers to Be Realistic About Jobs During Recruiting Process

While trying to woo job candidates, it is only natural to highlight the organization’s strengths, internal growth opportunities, and positive work environment. However, exaggerating the positive can create unrealistic expectations. As a result, you’ll experience turnover once new hires figure out that they were promised more than the organization can deliver.


Increase Employee Motivation with Autonomy, Growth, and Purpose

We are in an age when employers are waking up to the fact that pay and bonuses, while necessary, are only the basics that are needed to retain your workforce. To really inspire motivation, it is widely agreed by psychologists and experts (not to mention popularized in numerous TEDTalks) that the best way is to […]


Internal Communications Mistakes that Destroy Employee Engagement (and How to Fix Them)

Would it surprise you to learn that a staggering 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged with their jobs? Unfortunately, this recent Gallup statistic hasn’t changed much over the past few years so it begs the question—where are organizations going wrong? The answer: a failure to focus on and make a commitment to internal communications.


How to Give Feedback that Doesn’t Kill Motivation

It’s now widely agreed that the more autonomy and ownership employees have the more motivated they’ll be. At the same time, there has been little talk about how exactly managers can implement this in practice.


Subscription Employment: Why Platforms Are the Future of HR

Many employees have begun to “consume” work the way they choose a movie streaming service. Their job has become a “subscription” that can start and end at will. If they find a better deal, upgrading supersedes any existing commitments. Subscription employment is an unprecedented challenge for Human Resource (HR) departments, and it calls for new […]