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Want Your Millennials to Get Flu Shots This Year? Good Luck with That!

CityMD Urgent Care conducted a survey of 2,080 United States adults ages 18 and older to determine Americans’ plans for getting a flu shot during the 2016-2017 influenza season (which peaks between late November and March). The survey was conducted via Harris Poll Quick Query September 13-15, 2016.


Gen Z and Millennials Crave In-Person Collaboration

Despite popular belief, 41% of Gen Z say corporate offices are their workplace preference, according to a global study released by Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm, and Randstad US, an HR services and staffing company. The “Gen Z & Millennials Collide @ Work” report focuses on the impact of Gen Z […]


Millennials Often Underestimate Healthcare Costs

Aflac, a provider of voluntary insurance, announced results from the 2016 Aflac WorkForces Report, revealing how Millennials are more likely to embrace a nontraditional approach to pay their medical expenses compared to older generations. They also are more likely than non-Millennial generations to regularly underestimate the total cost of healthcare issues.


5 Recruiting Strategies for A New Generation

By Evan H. Lesser As recruiters begin to grapple with the influx of Millennial talent into the workforce, many are finding that their tried-and-true tactics and strategies don’t seem to be as effective as they had been for previous generations.


The Best Ways to Motivate Millennial Employees

By Lisa Copeland, The Culture Works Within the next 10 years, it is estimated that 75% of the workforce will be made up of Millennials (people now in their 20s and 30s.) Companies are actively trying to recruit candidates from this generation, but a surprising trend has emerged that is making it difficult to retain […]

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10 Entry-Level Positions That Offer Telecommuting Benefits

Debunking the myth that entry-level jobs can’t be flexible or that only experienced professionals can attain work flexibility, FlexJobs has identified a sample of 10 remote entry-level jobs for new college graduates to consider. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) indicates a positive job market for the projected 1,870,000 new bachelor’s degree level […]


Workplace Approaches to Tuition and Student Debt—and Their ROI

Student loan debt weighs heavily on the collective American mind—with good reason. According to MarketWatch, the total outstanding student loan debt as of January 2016 was $1.2 trillion, exceeded only by mortgage debt. It also reports that about 70% of recipients of bachelor’s degrees graduate with debt.


New Survey Dispels Millennial Hiring Myths

Yello, a talent acquisition software company, has released its 2016 Yello Recruiting Study. For the study, Yello used its proprietary data and surveyed more than 7,000 students and recent graduates to gauge their perspectives on the hiring process.