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3 Ways to Bridge the Gap in the Employee Service Experience

Companies can bridge the gap in the HR service delivery experience by investing in the right technologies and services that enable HR and employees to connect in a whole new way. With the right tools in place, HR can deliver a service that is user friendly, always available and similar to what employees are used to in their personal lives. As a result, employees will spend less time looking for answers and more time being productive and innovative in their work. Read on to see how other companies are using modern HR services to better care for their employees.


6 Ways Virtual Onboarding Can Engage, Equip, and Energize New Hires

Complimentary Webcast: 6 Ways Virtual Onboarding Can Engage, Equip, and Energize New Hires Date: Monday, January 30, 2017 Time: 2:00 PM ET Does your onboarding program leave your employees energized and excited?  Or do they see it as a boring required chore?  Would you like your new hire onboarding to be more interactive and engaging? […]


Improve Employee Retention Rates with These 7 Tips

by Miranda Nicholson, director of HR, Formstack Employee retention is not only valuable to company culture, but essential to the bottom line: turnover can cost a business as much as 150% of a position’s annual salary. The Human Resources team is essential to maintaining employee satisfaction and engagement, and their work is never finished. With […]


Tips on Engaging Millennial and Generation Z New Hires in The Onboarding Process

What types of challenges are employers facing when it comes to engaging Millennial and Generation Z new hires in the onboarding process? These younger generations of new hires have grown up in a digital world, and that is presenting new challenges for employers in terms of engaging new hires in the onboarding process and retaining […]

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A Quick Guide to Using Personality ‘Tests’

By Cyndi Sax, senior vice president, Caliper One of the toughest decisions an HR professional has to make is who to hire. You probably have at least one story of a candidate who aced the interview and had great credentials, but bombed in whatever job he or she was hired to perform. Hiring decisions can […]


Make Unboxing Day Count: A Guide to Optimizing the New Hire Experience

By Dane Hurtubise, vice president of New Initiatives, Greenhouse There are few things more exciting than opening something new for the first time. Companies selling consumer goods have become experts at this—making you fall in love with the product, building anticipation, and creating a memorable experience when you finally open the box. In fact, there […]


Boosting retention as turnover threat looms

2014 dawned with reports that employee turnover would reach critical mass during this year. Salary.com’s annual “January Job Hunters” survey claimed that employees were in many ways more satisfied with their jobs than in years past, but a whopping 83 percent of the people surveyed said they planned to look for a new job during […]


Quick Hiring Decisions Can Backfire on Employers

At the risk of falling into a male gender stereotype, we’re not shoppers; we’re buyers. We don’t browse. We know what we want, go directly to it on the store shelves, grab it, and head for the cash register — almost always without trying it on. Most employers feel the same way about hiring. No […]