Tag: Patience

Bring your parents to work and show them what they helped you achieve

by Dan Oswald Recently, one of my colleagues suggested that we have a “bring your parents to work” day at the company. It’s a great idea and one that I, frankly, would have never thought of even though it makes perfect sense. Many companies have a “bring your kids to work” day, although many people […]


8 essential lessons I learned from my mom

by Dan Oswald A couple of days ago we celebrated Mother’s Day, and while one day each year clearly isn’t enough to honor our mothers, it does provide us with the opportunity to thank the women in our lives for everything they have done to love and support us. A number of years ago, I […]


Lessons from the Duck Blind

This past weekend, my son and I went duck hunting. Despite growing up in a rural area in the Midwest where hunting was a way of life, I never cared for it when I was young. Among the reasons was that it was brutally cold in Iowa in the winter. But, my 15-year-old son has […]