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New Survey Finds Only 32% of Employers Offer Paid Family Leave

Does your company offer paid leave for the birth or adoption of an employee’s child? If so, you’re among the 32% of employers who say they offer this benefit, according to a new survey released by Standard Insurance Company (The Standard)—in conjunction with the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC).  


Ask the Expert: Should Paid Disability for Maternity Leave Be Extended to Men?

Question: We have many offices throughout the United States. Several states offer short-term disability (STD) programs for maternity leave after the birth of the child. Some do not. If we were to offer a company paid equivalent in the states which do not offer a STD for this time period, would it be a discriminatory […]


Employment Law Tip: Are You Complying with the Paid Family Leave Law?

California’s innovative Paid Family Leave (PFL) law – the only one in the nation – is now two years old. The program provides most employees with up to six weeks of partial pay when taking leave from work to bond with a new baby or foster or adopted child, or to care for a seriously […]